The people who are behind and infront of this once in a generation battle of bringing a sublime change in Philippine Education and Culture.

Binay N. 


She is the eldest daughter of the former Vice President of the Philippines, Jejomar C. Binay and Dr. Elenita Binay. She is also An alumnus of the University of the Philippines Diliman. Ranked as fifth in the senatorial race last 2013.

Bataoil L. 


A former high ranking police official with multiple awards in his belt that served the country with honor and integrity. He is the current Representative of the 2nd District of Pangasinan in House of Representative.


Legarda L. 


A long time seating senator of this republic. An advocate for environmental rights like climate change awareness and women's right. She was also the first woman to hold a position as Senate's Majority floor leader.


Gatchalian W. 


A successful politician and businessman. He served Mayor and Congressman in the city of Valenzuela, A newly elected Senator of the republic. And one of the youngest, who has ever been elected to the office.

Cayetano P. 


An advocate for youth development program, prevention of diseases, and the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle. She is the founder of Gabriel Symphony Foundation. One of the most famous and effective legislator that the Philippines has ever seen.

Fernando B. 


One of the most successful politician and businessman in our country today. A game changer that makes Marikina a world class municipality. With multiple awards in his belt, he is one of the most well known MMDA Secretary in History.

Teodoro M. 


A world class Mayor, He is one of the most effective Local Government officials in the country today. He also served as a Representative of Marikina City. Some of the House Bills that He Authored are Computer Education Act of 2007, Free Public Pre- School Education Act and Billboard regulation Act of 2007

Mercado L. 


A well known Filipino actress-politician that currently serving as a Mayor of Bacoor, Cavite . A former congresswoman for the 2nd district of Cavite City, A well accomplished mother and a wife of Senator Bong Revilla.

Cortuna J. 


She is one of the most brave and successful partylist representatives in our generation. She is the co - author of the Baybayin bill. She helps and represents thousands of our beloved teachers all around the country.

Umali T.


An alumnus of the Ateneo De Manila University, A well accomplished undersecretary for legislative affairs / partnership and external linkages / School Sports at Department of education of the Phiippines.

De Leon F.

former ncaa chairman

An alumnus of University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City and A well accomplished National Commission For Culture and The Arts Chairman

Comandante B.


He is one of the most treasured professors in Philippine Education. A Ph.D, an anthropologist, multi awarded scientist and inventor. He is one of the most important pillars of the precolonial writing system in this country.

Enage J.


He is the founder of baybayin buhayin organization. A 2nd Lieutenant Philippine Air Force Reserved. A Gun enthusiast, A consultant of politicians in House of Representative and Senate. Chairman Of Basic Education and Literacy Rotary Club New Manila East

Dulay T.


One of the most well known Professor in the country today. A descendant of Lakandula, He also Studied B.A Bachelor of Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman and also Studied Master in Development Management at Asian Institute of Management.

Hernandez J.


A proud son of Makati City, He rises from entry level positions up to Operations Manager. And now he handles and overseas multiple companies and organization in the country today.

De Leon M.


A proud patriot and one of the supporters of Baybayin buhayin organization. He is also a successful businessman in the field of Merchandise.

Gayola S.


Dr. Sheryll T. Gayola is the OIC. Office of the schools division superintendent. Deped Division of Marikina

Gayola S.


He is Education Supervisor. A patriot, A proud teacher at Deped Division of Marikina

Soriano R.


A well accomplished Businessman, a loving father and a proud patriot. He is one of the pillars of this organization

Cena E.


A well accomplished Chief Education Supervisor (SGOD) at Schools Division Office - Marikina City, A proud patriot that served the country with integrity and honor.

Fernando A.


He is the current Dean of College of Engineering at National University Philippines. An ECE Engineer with Masters Degree at Technological Institute of the Philippines.

Mangosong V.


A well loved and accomplished principal at San Francisco High School at Department of Education. She was also Principal 4th at Deped. An alumnus of Manila Central University.

Enage J.

RETIREE / Businessman

A Former and Successful Supervisor of PLDT in decades. He is also a former Deputized Traffic Enforcer at MMDA. And currently a businessman.

Nonan A.


A certified Accountant with multiple awards on her resume. She is currently the supervisor of Accounting Department in House of Representative.

Pinero J.


An art enthusiast with successful export business. A veteran of this organization and one of the pioneers and pillars of Baybayin Buhayin.

Enage P.


A proud patriot and one of the important supporters of Baybayin buhayin organization. He is also a successful businessman in the field of electromechanical industry.

Gallo F.

composer / musician

A Composer and a musician and a great supporter of Baybayin Buhayin Organization. He is a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.


A highlight Video of the 1st Baybayin Summit 2015 that was held in Pangasinan

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